T he fastest way to jump-start your music and music career is to partner with an independant record label. Unless you have the time, money, and want to do it all yourself, there is no sustitute for the advantages of networking and utilizing the resources and support that an established label offers.

There's more to the business of music than just recording. An artist requires production, equipment, the comorodity and talent of other musicians, an art department, a distributor, promotion, marketing, and development. 

Are you a songwriter? A singer? A musician? Consider an independant record label and see where it goes!


Q) How do I find out about being on the playadisc record label?

A) Contact Us.

Q) Can anyone be on the playadisc record label?

A) No. We are selective. It cost the label to produce and promote.

Q) I have an opportunity to be on the playadisc record label but would               like to use my own recording studio and session musicians. Can I do               that?

 A) Yes, absolutely. Use whatever recording studio you want. The quality            of the recording must be professional and the final 2 track stereo                    master must be delivered to playadisc for mass post production. 

Q) Can I move my current catalog to your record label?

A) Maybe. Contact Us.

Q) What's the difference between being on the playadisc label and                       selling my disc at your web-store?

A) Not everyone at our store is on our label.

Q) I already have a record label and a completed album. Can I still be on             the playadisc website?   

A) Yes, absolutely. playadisc is an independent online music retail store.            If we like your music, we want you on the store shelf.

Q) My current record label produced my latest album. It says in their                  contract they are to be the only retailer of my album. Can I still sell my     product on the playadisc website?

A) No. (And, you got a bad and unfair deal).

Q) I can sell my album on my own website. Why do I need playadisc?

A) You don't. But you should want to. We need you if you have great               music. While you reach your market, let us reach our market with                your great music. Increase your promotion, augment your visibility,                get your music out there and establish business relationships. If you do,     your music will have the fighting chance it deserves.

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Vinyl / Compact Discs / USB Sticks / Downloads

When it comes to physical media as well as downloadable tunes and albums, the playadisc record label for independant music offers a full compliment of music formats.

Our products and services include:

  • Production & Distribution- albums, singles, videos
  • Cover Art and Jacket Design
  • Artist Promotion & Marketing
  • Artist Website Page, Email, and Domain Name creation
  • Music Retail Through Our Online Store & Box Store
  • Booking Agency
  • Retail Ticket Sales